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Receiving of grains and cereals (

Handling solutions for grain and cereals

For more than 35 years Zeppelin Systems Latin America, ISO 9001 certified company, offers the best conveying and storage solutions for grains and cereals.

Receiving of grains / cereals:

A modern receiving system sends the grain from the truck directly to the material's conveying system, avoiding environmental pollution and any kind of contamination during the receiving process.


Horizontal and vertical conveyors:

Chain conveyors or bucket elevators, made of carbon or stainless steel, both with self-cleaning systems. The elevators are equipped with a permanent control system for the alignment of the chains and operation speed.

Grain processing:

For malt processing Zepplin Systems Latin America supplies the newest and most modern equipment available in the market, comprising:

  • Cleaning machines;
  • Stone separators;
  • Daily silos;
  • Sistemas de transporte por rosca
  • Screw conveyor systems
  • Bag filters;
  • Grinders;
  • Carga a granel de caminhões através de tromba de carregamento;
  • Stainless steel screw conveyors.

Cereal storage:

Silos equipped with load cells that allow for continuous control of the stored material.

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Bucket elevator

Storage silos








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